Bring natural light to any room
• Great for brightening hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms...
• Save with 26% Federal Tax Credit
• NEW: Solar-Powered Daylight Dimmer & Low Profile Sun Collector
House TOO HOT?
Contact us today to ask about our cooling combinations!
• Solar and powered solutions available
• Replace hot stale air with cool fresh air
• Energy-efficient cooling solutions
Big Power for Big Impact
Solar attic fans remove heat and moisture from your attic and/or garage.
• Saves energy costs
• Receive a Federal Tax Credit
What's cooler than a whole house fan?
The fact that we now offer installation, starting with a free in-home consultation.
Solatube's New Whole House Fan
Add form to function
Decorative fixtures only available from Solatube
Add form to function with decorative fixtures

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Daylighting and Ventilation

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Daylighting and Ventilation (RMDV). We are the exclusive dealer of Solatube daylighting and ventilation products for Salt Lake City, the Wasatch Front and all of northern Utah. Let us brighten and cool your home! 

Don’t you hate those darkly lit areas of your home? With a tubular skylight by Solatube, you can fill those dark spots with natural sunlight. Our Daylighting Systems offer spectacular lighting that will make your home feel like new. Best of all, they don't use electricity, which means no added charges to your power bill. Hurray!!! 

We have solutions to ventialte your home, attic and garage. Think of your home as a system. Where one zone (like an attic) isn’t efficiently ventilated, it affects other zones (like bedrooms and living rooms). Hot, stagnant air gets trapped, warming adjacent rooms, and raising energy costs. Likewise, stale air can carry pollutants, allergens, moisture and odors that should be cycled out. Don’t run your air conditioning all day. Bring in cool and fresh air. Ask us about our Whole House, Attic and Garage Fans. You will notice the difference.

You can earn a 26% tax credit on your project, but don’t wait. Some credits are set to expire. Ask us for details! Certain conditions apply.

We know how important your home is to you. We love to take on new projects, and we promise to thoroughly answer all of your questions to your satisfaction. That is why our customers rate us so highly! 

To set up an in-home consultation or to get a free estimate, give us a call today at 801-997-9262.